Corporate Objectives

Antnet Technology have been operating for more than 6 years, started by team of highly experience engineers and sales team, we strive to provide the best services and products for our clients. Over the years we had serves more than 200 clients from small business to corporates.

Here at Antnet, we advocate GO-GREEN concepts by providing IT Networking Hardware Supplies that are best quality and cost saving for every client we served. All products are tested to ensure function and work for your business. The GO-GREEN concept is important to us because we believe that providing an option to re-use refurbished IT networking hardware supplies not only saves on your business operating costs but also crucial in protecting our environment as your business produce lesser waste.

We serve companies of all various sizes, from start-ups, SMEs, to large corporations. Our plans are specifically tailor-made to serve your business needs without wasting valuable resources. This gives your business more competitive advantage and provides an edge in your industry. Lower technology costs allow all business to access the benefits and improvements that the latest technology can provide.

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Why it’s worth to trust us?

Antnet Technology is a leading independent supplier of IT Networking hardware and services with operation in Malaysia.

We specialize in providing New & Refurbished IT Network & Servers Hardware which include multi-vendor hardware sourcing, hardware rental, installation & configuration, engineers outsourcing, hardware maintenance services and environmentally sound asset disposal services. We provide a convenient way for customers to reduce their IT hardware infrastructure cost & a solution to maintain their end of life system.

Our high quality products ensure long-term cost savings for the client as we are able to help navigate around different sizes of budgets and provide full consultation for the total cost of ownership for your company’s technology costs.

Antnet Technology offers information technology solutions, consults and guides our clients in their current and future technology needs and capabilities. We help you understand and make effective IT decisions to help your company reduce the unnecessary IT expenditures that can impair your business’s day-to-day operations and affect your productivity. Antnet strives to implement industry best practices for IT Networking Hardware Supplies to ensure your company’s IT equipment are optimized to run efficiently.

Go-green concept

Supply hard-find products

Fast lead time

Best discount, save cost

Our clientele are mostly IT Resellers and System Integrators with its main customer base from